Creative type, artistic collaborator, costume designer, painter, event organizer, community builder, emotional laborer, aspiring educator, avid kinkster...all around badass. I'm fun, adventurous, optimistic--humor and levity abound! 

I love exploring cities, people watching, working on creative projects, reading novels, cooking, finding great restaurants, hiking, camping in the mountains minus bears, staring off into space as dreamers do. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts, it's cute.

I am a 7 year lifestyle player and 3 year professional Dominant who has tried almost everything at least once. Life is short and I'm an experimentalist. Kink has been sexy, hot, eye-opening, transformative, educational, and so much fun. As a Dominant, I thrive on stirring up intensity while orchestrating a scene. The erotic energy of a dynamic scene is intoxicating. 

Iโ€™ve been enjoying vanilla dates for a couple yearsโ€ฆ What does that even mean, vanilla? Let's tousle the sheets and find out!

My home is New Orleans. My schedule is very flexible and allows for travel, which I love!!

If we have already met a few times, you are welcome to inquire about applying to be my personal submissive. I am also an experienced, long distance key holder.

In order to hear back from me, be sure to fill out my contact form with as much detail as possible. Every thorough, thoughtful, respectful message will be answered. My life is quite full--sometimes exciting plans, sometimes mundane tasks--and I set aside date time for folks who have shown real interest in me and have thoroughly screened.

Follow my Instagram. I'm so full of my selfie! *cringe* Jokes, jokes.