New Orleans:

2 hour chemistry affirmation - 700
*recommended minimum for our first date

3 hour cocktail date - 900

4 hour dinner and dessert - 1100

Overnight - 3000

Puppy Love (36ish Hrs) - 7000
Two nights and a full day together and it will be as though we’ve know each other forever! 

I require a small deposit after screening is completed from every new date to secure our appointment time.

Consideration is for my time and proximity privilege only.

I like to look forward to our time together! I primarily schedule dates several days to several weeks in advance. And of course, I highly recommend pre-booking. I love the antici………..BUT while in New York this trip, I will occasionally be available for same day bookings. Please be sure to check my Twitter to see if I am available that day.

Dates 4 hours or longer require a 25% deposit so I can set aside my time. Overnight dates may require a Skype convo first to assure conversational chemistry. Dates cancelled within 48 hours of appointed start time incur a 50% cancelation fee. Dates cancelled within 12 hours of appointed start time incur a 100% cancelation fee. The deposit from any date cancelled before 48 hours of appointed start time can be applied to your next date(within six weeks).

For outcall: Please place the honorarium in the restroom, preferably in an unmarked, unsealed, white envelope, before I arrive.  Place your ID on the counter next to it.

For incall: Please place the honorarium in plain view, preferably in an unmarked, unsealed, white envelope, and excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up. Place your ID next to it.