I'm happy that you're reaching out to spend time together! All respectful and thorough messages will be answered. 

I respect your need for discretion, please respect my safety measures. I only meet with people who follow my screening protocol.

I am attracted to and enjoy spending time with many kinds of people. Gender, orientation, race, nationality, dis/ability, size, (legal) age do not factor into my decision whether or not to see someone. I am bisexual and polyamorous. If you would like to see me as a couple, I can be your unicorn! 

As I do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will bring our correspondence to an immediate end. I will not respond if you use explicit language when contacting me.

You may also contact me at hello@missandri.com , though a response is not guaranteed unless you include all of the information I request in the contact form. Thanks for understanding!

Name *
As it appears on your I.D.
As they appear on your I.D.
Cell phone *
Cell phone
I will never text or call you unless I've received your permission to do so. No pinger/bandwidth/google voice accepted.
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Desired date
Incall or Outcall
Required: The name of your employer, your LinkedIn, and your company email or direct phone number. Once we're in contact, I'll have you email my discreet, unlisted email from your work account for verification. Optional, but appreciated: If you have seen providers recently, please share the website, email, and phone number of two (2) providers that you've seen in the last year. Share any nicknames or alternative phone/email you used with them. Please let them know you're using them as a reference so they expect contact from me.