I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.
— Kurt Vonnegut

My absolute joy in BDSM:

I have a vast and varied appreciation for many things in the BDSM realm, but my deepest interest lies in power exchange, namely Myself in control, Me as the sovereign. I highly value connection, devotion, transcendence. All of this is play and I approach it with levity, and through this play I have seen that great growth and transformation are possible for all parties involved. I am interested in exploring a submissive's edges, wherever they may be. I first came into My Dominance through a natural inclination towards sadism. I love a chance to explore My primal, deep sadism. As My Dominance grew over time, physical sadism shifted to mind control, humiliation, finding edges in other ways. Ultimately I now use sadism, postures, protocol, etc as a means to an end--that end being connection, depth, and power. 

What truly pleases Me the most is when I can tell without a doubt that a submissive yearns in the deepest part of their heart to serve Me with devotion, when I know that they will do anything for Me so I can hold that devotion with care. I view submission as a beautiful gift, and I take care of my pet. I strive to never push farther than a submissive can handle, while still exploring their edges. Intensity pleases Me greatly. A beautifully crafted scene pleases Me. Breaking someone and nurturing them back together pleases Me. True devotion and the break down of a submissive's ego deeply please Me. Though our time together might be brief, I hope you will open yourself to Me for exploration. 

My offerings to you:

I love to connect where our interests and fetishes align. And I love to mutually craft a scene that appeals to us both. I am not a fetish dispenser, and I won’t be topped from the bottom. Please look over my interests and limits.

I am very newbie friendly. If there is something that you’d like to try, contact me now! I truly love to create an understanding and safe environment for exploration.


My limits as a Top are humiliation around gender or orientation, race play, wrestling, minors, animals, anything non-consensual, anything illegal.

Areas of interest:

Helping couples explore BDSM is one of my primary interests, and lucky me, I’ve often been sought out for this! I have been booked many times as a FemDom mentor to heterosexual couples interested in exploring female led relationships, femdom, CFNM, S/m, gender play, impact play, etc.—most frequently I mentor the woman in dominance. It’s a blast! I have also done numerous kink 101 sessions with LGBTQ couples and singles. What can I say? I get a thrill vicariously experiencing the newness, novelty, and exploration! And it gives me warm fuzzies to provide a safe and understanding environment for newbies to explore.

Begging, seriously turns me on

Bisexual training

Bodily abuse: biting, scratching, pinching

Body worship

Bondage: rope, cuffs, gags, leather, confinement, mummification, predicament 

Creative role-play: therapist, teacher, bitchy boss, mean or nurturing mommy/daddy(genderfluid), pervert doctor, nurturing nanny, puppy owner/trainer, bratty demonic sister, fun sissification gal pal

Cuckolding, chastity, and key holding

Erotic embarrassment & humiliation: exposure, objectification, fluid consumption, slapping, spitting. ---I particularly enjoy subs who will do "humiliating things" for my amusement, make me laugh!

Fetishes: feet, legs, boots, shoes, hands, garters, hosiery, socks, stockings, latex, leather

Gender play: feminization, sissy play, C/D total transformation—If this list weren’t in alphabetical order, this would be at the top.

Impact play: canes, crops, floggers, paddles, straps, hands, feet, whips

Mind control, hypnotism

Puppy play, kitten play

Sensory deprivation or overload

Scent play: armpits, feet, and other aromatic areas

Smoking fetish: inhalation, human ashtray, watching. Cigars or cigarettes.

Spanking: OTK & implements

Strap-on worship 

Tease & denial

Watersports and toilet training