There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

-Leonard Cohen


Embodied mind, compassionate perception, natural confidence, ease of being. As a creative individual I've learned to absorb as much information about the world around me as possible. Lucky you! I want to learn what makes you tick and use it to tease and please you. I know how to have a good time and how to craft a beautiful experience, let me lead the way.


I’m a quick to laugh, positive, light-hearted, free spirit. My long time dates have said they feel lighter and more free after our encounters.

Human connection is so important. I show up fully present to see you in your whole human form, and hope to catch a glimpse of the divine which moves in all of us. I am full of light. I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

Sharp blue eyes, cute gap teeth, intentional tattoos, and curves for days. My milky fair skin is soft to the touch—supple curves resting on strong musculature. When I am in the throes of passion, my chest flushes red. My hair is currently natural brunette blended into teal blue. I love lingerie and am just as content and confident in my relaxed painting clothes. My hands and feet are beautiful, soft, strong, and well formed. My legs are silky smooth while the rest of my body hair is generally kept natural.

Have I told you how I love to see
A man submit to ecstasy
With all his inhibitions free
And moaning like his -other?
Close his eyes and float from me
Ecstatic in his buoyancy
Cut loose and warm as he can be
Adrift in beatless wonder
— Diane Cluck

I stand 5'8" and rise to nearly 6' in heels. Dress size 10(US), pants size 12(US). These hips! Shoe sizes are 8.5(US) in heels and 9(US) in flats. My feet and toes are always perfectly pedicured and my fingernails are well kept natural. I use natural lavender soap and I generally do not wear perfume or any strong scents when meeting someone new--but when I do wear scents I prefer musky, woody, sharp, and citrus. My waist, neck, and forearms are particularly sensitive to soft touches.